Q. How should I view the information provided by Elder 411 and Elder 911?

A. It is vitally important you that understand the terms under which the information in Elder 411 and Elder 911 is provided to you. In fact, by reading and using the information, it is assumed you have agreed with our terms of use. You can find the complete terms here: http://www.drmarion.com/terms.php

Q. Can Elder 411 or Elder 911 run on the iPhone 2.x OS?

A. No. You need the iPhone 3.x OS to run both applications. This upgrade can be accomplished through iTunes for free on the iPhone, or for purchase on the iPod touch. Go to Apple.com for more information.

Q. Why have Presto and Doctor Marion created these apps?

A. Doctor Marion has 35+ years of experience in Geriatric Care Management. Presto Services Inc. has been providing a revolutionary family communications and caregiving service since 2006. We decided to work together to provide a way to get Doctor Marion’s experience into the hands of people when and where they need it most.

Q. Can I email information in the app to someone with a Presto email address?

A. Yes. As long as the email address you are sending from on your iPhone or iPod touch is listed in the Presto Friends approved senders list, the you can forward information from the app to someone with a Presto email account.

Q. Why can't I purchase Elder 411 directly from my iPhone?

A. As a standalone app, Elder 411 does not require an Internet connection to access the rich media information in its database. But this means that the application is relatively large, so it can only be purchased and downloaded from the iTunes App Store using your computer not directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Q. Can I watch video and listen to audio without being connected to a network?

A. Yes, all video and audio content is embedded inside of Elder 411 so you can view or listen to it while you are disconnected from a network, such as when you are on an airplane.

Q. Can I email notes that I create?

A. No. Notes cannot be forwarded by email at this time.

Q. Can I email videos and audio tips?

A. Yes, all content can be emailed, including video and audio tips.

Q. Can I download Elder 911 from my iPhone or iPod touch?

A. Yes. Elder 911 can be purchased through the App Store application directly from your iPhone or iPod touch without using a computer.

Q. Can I email tips or checklists?

A. Yes. Any information or checklists you find in Elder 911 can be forwarded by email to any valid email account.

Q. Can I actually "check off" items I find in Elder 911 checklists?

A. Yes. Checklists are interactive and you can "check off" items as you complete them.

Q. Is Elder 911 meant to be helpful while I'm at the hospital?

A. Yes. Elder 911 is specifically designed to guide you while you tend to your elder loved one's needs going to, through, and out of a hospital experience.

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